Festival N° 19 «Equality is everyone’s game»

Ecuador and Fudela is part of 2019 Women’football World Cup. We are at festival N° 19 «equality is everyone’s game» organized by streetfootballworld in Lyon-France which aims to empower young women as agents of change through the universal power of the Football. For this we broke paradigms by sending a team of 6 prominent women of our processes including a girl from Venezuela. Ally, Marthina, Emy, Maria Emilia, Liz and Diani are leaving our country high, showing the happiness, passion and commitment that characterizes us. We are very grateful to be able to leave our grain of sand in this festival thanks to the support of our allies.. #Transformandovidas #streetfootball #equalityiseveryonesgame #genderequality #france2019 #festival2019